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Guys Reveal What Makes A Girl A “Freak In The Sheets” And They Don’t Hold Back

Every since I first heard Ludacris’ smash hit “Nasty Girl” in middle school, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly is a “freak in the sheets”?

As a middle schooler, the question was obviously complicated by the fact that my only real explanation for sex was a vague joke about a car and a garage.

Needless to say, the whole “sheets” part didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Now, I’m 23 years old, and I write about sex for a living. And to be honest, I’m still not totally clear on what the whole “freak in the sheets” side of things entails.

A new Reddit thread asked men to answer my question once and for all by explaining what it was like to have sex with someone they considered to be “a freak in the sheets.”

Read along and prepare for some VERY NSFW content.

She asked him to choke her. (And he was very careful.)

First date, first time sleeping together, she asked me to choke her. I did oblige but was very careful.


She showed major enthusiasm.

Just being enthusiastic (seriously makes a massive difference) and up for everything.

Bonus points for doing or being interested in fun stuff like deep throating, swallowing, anal, etc… without me asking.


Na that’s just being good in bed. Being a freak in the sheets is more than that. Being a freak is extreme enthusiasm and maybe dirty (in a good way) too.



Just the raw enthusiasm is a huge turn on.


She wanted to taste him.

FWB – sometimes asks me to finish inside of her but more often than not prefers I “feed” her.


She was upset I came on her chest because she wanted me to do it in her mouth, specifically she “wanted to taste me”.


She wanted to have a threesome.

Me and her two other roomates simultaneously.

I am a grown ass man and STILL keep that memory in my spank bank


She wanted him to whip her.

Probably asking me to whip her with my belt. She was my first BDSM partner and made me realize just how much I love being dominant.


She rimmed him.

While she was going down on my she decided to lick my butthole. It was oddly satisfying and would recommend it


She went big on the PDA.

It wasn’t in the bed. She pulled me into a dark corner of a night club and gave me a blow job.


She took a pull mid-sex.

I once picked up a girl in the train, and by picked up I mean that I didn’t do anything, but my friends were convincing her that she should go home with me. So we get home, start getting freaky and at one point she’s on top of me, riding me hard. Suddenly she jumps up, grabs the bottle of liqour, downs a couple shots and jumps on top of me again. It was amazing!


She gagged on him.

Gagging like it’s her last breath on my dick


She got creative with his splooge.

One time I pulled out and jizzed on a girl’s belly. Without missing a beat she covered her hands in my splooge and started rubbing it all over her tits.

That was freaky.


She let him… explore all over.

Ass to pussy to mouth back to ass.


She asked him to tie her up.

Before we had properly met she had me buy rope. I used to tie her up, tape over her mouth and have my way. She begged for it. She was 19, blonde, hot. That was a nice few months.


She asked me to tie her up and proceeded to put a ball gag in her mouth…..we’re engaged now.


She was loud.

Had a girl in college who came back to my dorm and proceeded to have the loudest most enthusiastic sex I’ve ever had. What did it for me most though was when she was riding me, Moaning loudly, I told her she was going to wake up my roommates. She just turns her head, (reverse cowgirl) gives me a sly smile and says, “so?” Fucking loved it.


She shifted it from hole to hole.

She took it straight out of her ass and sucked it. That bitch was a freaaaaak.


She accidentally scratched him.

The scratches, when by accident, are awesome. Those physical things that happen out of control or while lost in the moment.


She wanted anal.

We had anal about 5 hours after we met


All right, now you know how to get FREAKAYYYYYYYYYYYY. (Proceed with caution, of course.)

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