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Google Maps just added a Q&A feature for Android users

Google Maps for Android now has a  Q&A section.Google Maps for Android now has a  Q&A section.

Image: Google

Google announced today the addition of a “Questions & answers” section in Google Maps for Android and mobile Search. 

The new feature will be pretty easy to use. Just search for the place you’re headed to in Google Maps and open the listing location. From there, scroll down to the “Questions & answers” section.

Questions & answers will let you add your own question, answer someone else’s question, or upvote a question already posted with a thumbs up. Questions with the most upvotes will show up at the top of the list so the majority of people coming to the section see it. 

Post a question about a business and get notified when it's answered.

Post a question about a business and get notified when it’s answered.

Image: google

The new section isn’t just for customers or visitors, though. Business owners can add their own frequently asked questions so future patrons won’t need to post in the first place. They also get a notification when questions are posted about their location so they can answer it most accurately. 

And, conveniently, users also get a notification every time one of their questions is answered. 

The feature is rolling out to Google Maps on Android across the world. So make sure you’re running the latest version of Google Maps and keep your eyes peeled for the update. And start enjoying your adventures with a little more information. 

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Image: google
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