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17 times pet owners woke up and laughed out loud when they saw what their pets were doing

Our pets can be our most hilarious friends. They keep us laughing all day and night long. But often times they are at their funniest when they wake up in the morning. And these pet owners below have photographic proof.

I Have a Present For You

This owner’s cat likes to cover up his hairballs with things he finds lying around. This morning he decided to cover it up with a pretty bow.

Source: Ilama422

Wanna Play Ball

Before I get out of bed? No.

Source: SPKRBX

This is My Hangover Buddy Face

This dog didn’t leave his owner when he fell asleep on the floor in a drunken stupor. She stayed by his side all night long and apparently seemed happy to do it when he woke up.

Source: klown_13

Just Having Some Coffee and Reading the Paper

This pet owner found her dogs enjoying a beautiful morning at the breakfast table when she woke up.

Source: OhManThisIsAwkward

When Your Girlfriend and Her Cat Move and This is What Your Morning Looks Like Now

Looks like an ugly selfie shot.

Source: bjohn84

This is My Snuggle Pose

When you are in a deep sleep and you look super adorable.

Source: Goldenoir

Strike a Pose There’s Nothing To It

This owner woke up to his lizard chilling out like a G’.

Source: buttermilkgene

When Your Cat Gets All Caught up

This guy left his suit on the floor and when he woke up his cat was trapped inside of it.

Source: massivebereavement

Just Grabbing a Midnight Snack

Guy heard a noise and came downstairs to find this tortoise rummaging through his refrigerator.

Source: comacomacomacomachameleon

This is the Face of Patience

This dog doesn’t beg or whine, he patiently waited for his owner to wake up and feed him. Look at this sweet face.

Source: Plainbox

Family Cuddle Time

These kitties were snuggling their new baby when their human woke up.

Source: melissathecreator

When Your Cat Wakes You Up With His Singing

This musical feline was found perched up high on this door singing the songs of his people.

Source: CaptCash

Best Face To Wake Up To in the World

How could you not be happy waking up to this smiley face?

Source: dominator3226

Hi… Can You Help Me?

This dog woke up his neighbor by knocking on his door. Looks like he needed a hand.

Source: MKG24

Follow the Trail

To the guilty faced dog.

Source: everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt

Morning Double Take

What am I seeing right now?

Source: donut_donut

Under the Covers Cozy

Source: sh00tah

When it’s cold and you need to be under the covers cozy.

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Source: Bored Panda

D.G. Sciortino

D.G. is a contributing writer in Shareably. She’s based in Connecticut and can be reached at

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