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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Shaving Your Vagina For A Date

If there’s one thing in the world that everybody who doesn’t have a vagina still has an opinion about, it’s how and when people should (or shouldn’t) shave their vaginas.

I’ll admit, I like to do it sometimes when I’m in a particularly proactive mood. But for the most part, I leave how and when I shave my vagina up to whenever I decide on a given day.

Considering everyone else also seems to have an (unnecessary) opinion on what I should do with my pubes, I’m willing to bet a lot of women have run into the same dilemma: Should I shave my vagina before going out on a date?

We’re consistently plagued with deciding whether or not to go all out and ~prepare~ for the date, just for the mere possibility of having sex after it. And sometimes, we may not even really want to shave, but we think we have to for another person.

BUT SHAVING CAN BE SO ANNOYING, PEOPLE. Seriously, I’d rather saw off three of my fingers very slowly than shave my vag sometimes.

So if you’ve run into this dilemma too, here are the most important questions to ask yourself before shaving your vagina for a date.

1. Do I actually even want to go on this date?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

Seriously, do you? Did you only agree to this date because you’re a nice person who doesn’t know how to reject people? Are you sure you don’t want to just stay in bed and rewatch old Rugrats episodes just for fun?

No? Just me?

Obviously, you might really like this person and want to hang out with them, but just make sure you’re dead set on these plans before you go shaving your whole cooch.

2. Do I even think this person is that cute?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

No, you’re definitely not a bad person for asking this.

Honestly, though, is this person someone you’re attracted to, whom you could see yourself actually having sex with at any given time? If you’re not that attracted to them, then TBH, the potential razor burn probably isn’t worth it.

3. What can this person do that my vibrator can’t?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)


Look, all I’m saying is, you could take a shower, shave your ~vagine~, spend a ton of time getting ready, actually leave your house, meet up with this (probably) mediocre person, go on your (probably) mediocre date, and then have (probably) mediocre sex with less hair on your vagina.

OR you could bypass all of those unnecessary, complicated steps and skip right to having an above-average time getting freaky with your vibrator.

Just saying.

4. What’s wrong with having vagina hair?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

You probably already know the answer to this question. But if you don’t, let me be 100 percent real with you: THERE. IS. NOTHING. WRONG. WITH. VAGINA. HAIR.

Your vagina hair is fine. It’s natural. Literally every woman who has hit puberty has it.

So if you feel like you’re gonna get ~frisky~ tonight with your date, but you think you have to shave your vag because something’s wrong with it, don’t shave. Because there’s nothing wrong with it.

5. How much time do I have?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

Seriously, do you have eight hours to spare before this date?

Obviously, how you prep for a date is totally up to you… but do you realize how long it takes to shave a vagina? How careful you have to be? How long it takes to make sure you didn’t miss a spot?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was my vagina shaved.

6. Where are we going on a date?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

If you’re going on a date at a cozy, dark bar where you’ll get a little ~tipsy~, then maybe you’re a little more likely to get it on and, subsequently, a little more likely to want to shave your vagina.

But if you’re going to dinner and then to the movie theater to watch a heartfelt rom com that’ll make you cry, then you can probably skip taking a weed whacker to your pubes.

7. What can this person do that my vibrator can’t? PART TWO.

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

I mean it. Are you, for sure, 100 percent positive that you really want to go through ALLLLL the trouble of shaving when your trusty, old vibrator will save you so much frustration and NOT have an opinion about your pubic hair?

Your vibrator will listen to what you want. Your vibrator won’t just fall asleep right after you two finish.

Your vibrator won’t come first and LEAVE YOU HANGING ON THE EDGE.

8. Honestly, how likely is it that I’m actually going to want to have sex with this person?

(And do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

Admittedly, I am an INSANELY fickle person. What can I say? I’m not perfect. But that means, someone really has to blow my mind if I’m going to be ready to do ~the sex~ with them.

So if you feel like you’re shaving your vagina for the mere possibility that you might have sex — and you’re not dead-set on having sex with them before the date — then skip the shaving if you’re not really feeling it.

9. Am I only shaving for this person who I don’t even know that well?

(Or do I want to shave my vagina for me and only me?)

If you answer yes to this question (and no to the parenthetical question), then stop, do not pass Go, and do not collect $200.

You should never feel like you have to alter your grooming habits for anyone else, unless you actively decide you want to.


If you ask nothing else before shaving your vagina in any circumstance — not just before a date — ask yourself this question.

What you do with your body should obviously be left up to you and only you, and no one person’s particular grooming opinions should influence yours.

If you like the look and feel of a completely hairless vagina, then by all means, shave until your heart’s content. If a nice trim makes you feel good, trim away. And if you feel more confident than ever rocking a bush, let. It. Grow.

And if your date has a problem with your preferred way of grooming yourself, you can kindly point them in the direction of someone who gives a sh*t.

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